Hey! Arthur here, the founder of Carbs Sourdough Bakery.

When I launched this company in the summer of 2018, it looked entirely different.

I'm the type of person who fills up on bread at restaurants because I just can’t resist. There is something about the experience of getting bread hot out of the oven that is just so much better and I wasn't getting it at my local bakery.

So I set out to create a better bread experience.

Had I ever made bread before? No.

Did I have any clue what I was doing? Also no.

I started to nerd out on what makes great bread and what I learned was just how many ingredients are in the breads we eat. Even the “whole wheat bread” I was buying at the supermarket had over FORTY ingredients!

It was no wonder there was a growing movement to avoid both carbohydrates and gluten. 

My first product was called BreadBox, a par-baked bread made from just 3 ingredients: FLOUR, WATER, & SALT. 

​I chose to use sourdough because the natural yeast and bacteria break down the carbohydrates resulting in easier-to-digest breads that have tons of nutritional benefits.

I was renting a bakery at nights and working until the early morning making our BreadBoxes to sell at farmer's markets and at local organic stores. My first breads were not great but I kept on learning and improving.

It also wasn't easy in the rented bakery. It didn't have the proper oven so I had to bake using a dozen heavy cast iron dutch ovens that I carried in and out of the ovens over and over and over.

One day, I got a text message saying that the bakery I was renting was out of money and closing the next day. With no warning, I had to pack up all of my things and leave. That was the push I needed to get a space of my own and grow the team.

Our first space was about 600 square feet with a single deck oven and no loading dock. As we ramped up production, it became increasingly clear to us that we could not meet the demand in our current facility.

Around that time, a large retailer, Lufa Farms asked us if we made crackers - we had never made crackers before. We got to work right away and took everything we learned from making bread and applied it to our crackers.

A few simple organic ingredients, real sourdough, and long slow fermentations.

Our crackers were a huge success and we had to stop our bread production just to keep up with demand. We doubled down on our crackers, moved into a 7,000 square foot state-of-the-art kitchen, and designed and commercialized new packaging to reflect our team and the incredible amount of time and energy we put into making our products.


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